birding congress

In May 1997, the Montcada Palace in the city of Fraga hosted the first birding seminar (as part of the First Ornithological Conference of the Catalan Lands, held at the Castle of Mequinensa and known as the Palace). They were chaired by the pioneer of contemporary Catalan ornithology Salvador Maluquer and Joaquim Maluquer and were inaugurated by ornithologists Martí Boada and Guillem Chacon.
10 years later the town of Seròs (Segrià) with the Catalan Birding Office, the Patronat of Tourism of the Diputació de Lleida, the Catalan Summer University of Natural Sciences and the University of Lleida made possible the second Seminar of Birding.

Guillem Chacon and Martí Boada in Yasuní (Ecuadorian Amazon) - 2014

And now, 25 years after that first initiative, the Tourism Board of the Lleida Provincial Council is presenting the first Birding Technical Conference and, in 2023, the first International Birding Congress.
In all four editions, the director of the event is the ornithologist Guillem Chacon, an expert in biotourism and citizen science. And this year, once again, we will have the honor of being inaugurated by the most universal Catalan naturalist, Dr. Martí Boada.